Kunsthalle Zurich, 2008
Curated by Beatrix Ruf.

A single 1000-foot long strip of Mylar film, mounted on the wall, encircled the entire exhibition; all work was mounted in relation to the film.



Lithographs under mylar in the entrance hall. The prints were made in two rounds. First we put a blob of ink and water on to the paper and used a hydraulic press to squash it into an arbitrary stain. When that ink was dry, we printed on it with a reverse-etched plate inked with white; the stain underneath shows through wherever the printing plate was etched (wherever the white ink was not printed), yielding the image.


Twin figures. The blueish plastic pieces, like the large business envelopes (below, hanging over door) use an iridescent, mirrored display plastic that refracts a lot of different colors. When a sheet arrives from the distributor it's covered with a thin layer of protective plastic film; this film has a blue tint to it. I printed on to the pieces without removing the protective shipping film; over time it can peel off under its own weight, revealing the mirrored plastic.

Twins again. 'Broken' bombers.