Reena Spaulings Fine Art, NYC, 2004


Exterior. 'Safety for John & Emily' mounted on the window.

Stacked goods.


Merch Table: t-shirts, posters etc

Untitled Multiple, 2004, 50-100 CDRS with altered downloaded hostage videos

Random Characters at the opening scene:

'One only need refer to the home page of a contemporary artist like Seth Price, who has posted several photographs in black and white --- presumably the better to connote grave historical import before the fact --- documenting his first solo exhibition, and showing such art figures as Wade Guyton, Bettina Funcke, Josh Smith, Nate Lowman, Amy Sillman, and himself, to prove that we truly have entered a realm where the ineluctable modality of the visual is incontestable, indeed well-nigh apodictic.'
-- Harold Bloom, The Anatomy of Influence, 2011