Designed for the catalog of the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Art, 2003 curated by Christophe Cherix
Printed as a book with Green Naftali 2003
This work bears a deep debt to numerous conversations with Bettina Funcke... Without her ideas and inspiration it would not exist.

"Price's eccentrically designed and illustrated treatise on media, distribution, and the future status of the work of art is both precise and open-ended. Taking up examples that range from Marcel Broodthaers and Dan Graham to Linux, Alexander Kluge, and the Daniel Pearl video, Price forges a complex and prophetic art history, even as he appropriates and recasts the traditional roles of writer and designer. "Suppose an artist were to release the work directly into a system that depends on reproduction and distribution for its sustenance, a model that encourages contamination, borrowing, stealing, and horizontal blur? The art system usually corrals errant works, but how could it recoup thousands of freely circulating paperbacks?"�Seth Price"

--Kelly Walker Artforum april 2004